Personal Essays, 2022 Workshop

An Ear for Hope
Terence Wride, University of Heidelberg

Marissa Compton, Harvard Divinity School

“Throwing Caution”: Some Beginnings of My Journey as a Scholar and a Believer
Conor Hilton, University of Iowa

Personal Essay
Abby Clayton, Indiana University

On Poetic Flesh, Proximity, and Big Foot
Sylvia Cutler, Johns Hopkins University

On Gratitude
Constantin Icleanu, Southern Methodist University

Spirit Archive
Maren Loveland, Vanderbilt University

My Journey as a Scholar of Faith
Sarah Matthews, University of Southern California

Essays, 2019

Magic: An Epistemology of the Restoration
Aileen Christensen, New York University

King Benjamin, Aristotle, and Nineteenth-Century Conceptions of the Heart
Brice Peterson, Pennsylvania State University

Openly Contradictory: Navigating the Gospel as a Gay, Latter-day Saint Scholar
Kirby Childress, Ohio State University

Futility and Faith in The Book of Mormon: Mormon, Adorno, and the Eternal Perspective
Parker Smith, University of Oregon

The Laban Story as a Symbolic Interplay of Goodness and Truth
Christian Swenson, Brigham Young University

Revelation as Refraction
Emaline Maxfield, University of Kansas

The Mystery of One
Jennifer Thorup, University of Notre Dame

“We Seek After These Things”
Katherine Kitterman, American University
Nozomu Okuda, University at Buffalo
Lauren Truman, University of Minnesota

Reading Ancient Scripture and Hearing its “Whisper out of the Dust”
Crismon Lewis, Columbia University